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    Being attractive is hard, because you don’t get any days off. You can’t just go out and be ugly. You gotta be on ya A game every day. Shout out to the ugly people. Living up to them low expectations. Surprising people occasionally, but never letting them down. 

    we ouchea my dude

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    Awkward Moment Seal [x]

    Previously: Best of ‘Business Baby’


    second to last one is my least favorite shit on earth

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    This man is the future

    MY WORD THAT NIGGA TRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

    Me: image

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Funny Stuff you like?
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    ekki-neitt asked: How are the black panthers different from the KKK? Publicly shouting that we need to kill cracker babies is somehow okay because the group is black? Do you realize how fucking dumb you sound?









    When was the last time the Black panthers Lynched anyone?

    When’s the last time the Black Panthers burned crosses in someone’s yard?

    When’s the last time the Black Panthers completely destroyed white towns for fear of their prosperity?

    Have the panthers ever burned down any white schools to keep white people “in their place”?

    Are these white folks serious?! Please, please…do yourselves a favor and earn some citations on this country’s history. The Black Panthers were NOT like the Klu Klux Klan. Their objective was not to go around and terrorize and murder white people. The KKK however, was definitely a reactionary terrorist/extremist group. The Klan emerged during “The Nadir” (the lowest point) in 1877, after poor and disenfranchised whites stomped out Reconstruction and Blacks ultimately lost their civil rights. White people losing their mobility in this country was the core reason for terrorizing African Americans, but after that bullshit, 15 reels, massive 3-hour long movie “The Birth of a Nation" was released in 1915, now all of a sudden, Black people became barraged with this false image of themselves as threatening, violent, and barbaric, particularly to white women in society (The New Negro Crime) which ultimately led to hundred of thousands of lynchings and murders of Blacks in America. The Klan had one objective, to exterminate Black people. They spurred false rhetoric, hate, and violence…that’s it!

    The Black Panthers was a revolutionary socialist organization that started in the mid-1960’s in Oakland, CA aiming to PROTECT the Black community. They were against police brutality, imperialism, capitalism or anything they felt was detrimental to Black Americans. They wanted Black people to fend for themselves, that’s why they carried guns, and they used them cautiously. They helped the sick, the poor, single mothers and their children, they even implemented a free ambulance and breakfast program in the community, yet they’re like the KKK?! Their goals were simple: quality education, housing, employment, and civil rights.They were not a violent group and neither was Malcolm X, contrary to popular opinion, they just believed in their right to self defense.The bottom line is, The Black Panther Party was a mobilization by African Americans, and people of the African descent across the world to break down institutionalized oppression by any means necessary. And FYI, many whites supported like Marlon Brando, and others.

    *Don’t disrespect my people and Blackness!




    I love the dialogue that whitepeoplesaidwhat starts.

    just so you know this mothafucka a troll -Holly
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    In Florida, you worry less about the GOP and more about the GOB.

    Good Ole Boys.

    They are usually part of the GOP, but directly influence local politics.

    "Hey Jim, you were going 30 over back there, pulled you over because I didn’t know it was you, get outta here lol. Poker on Sunday?"


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by Matías Bergara


    by Matías Bergara

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the struggle lmao

my God.


    the struggle lmao

    my God.

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